Want-it-All Starter Kit
(set of 30)





The supreme splurge of our variants when you just can't choose only one!

The kit is designed to give you 15 great washes, and allows you to try out various shampoo & conditioner combinations.

In order to maintain peak performance, Gemz do not contain any preservatives, stabilizers or fillers.  Gemz are freshest within 2 months of receiving your product and we recommend using within this timeframe.

  • Perfect Air Dry shampoo x3
  • Touchably Soft shampoo x3
  • Up-All-Day Volume shampoo x3
  • Pure Scalp, Nourished Tips shampoo x3
  • Curly Days shampoo x3
  • Profound Moisture conditioner x2
  • Light as Air conditioner x3
  • Rainy Day Anti-Frizz conditioner x3
  • Fresh Color Protect conditioner x2
  • Quick Blow Dry conditioner x3
  • Stress Less Hair Mask x2

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