Best-Sellers Kit
(set of 50)


This is a Royal Hair Feast like no other!

Stock-up on our no-miss best-sellers!  Let there be no bad hair day in your way for as long as GEMZ last! This kit is designed to host most popular and best-rated variants from our assortment.

Gemz are freshly activated every wash and do not contain any stabilizers or fillers.  In order to maintain peak performance, we guarantee at least a 2-month usage window from receipt of your product.

Limited inventory. Hurry!

  • Perfect Air Dry shampoo x 10
  • Royally Soft shampoo x4
  • Grandiose Volume shampoo x7
  • Supreme Clean shampoo x5
  • Light as Heir conditioner x7
  • Rainy Day Anti-Frizz conditioner x10
  • Perfect Blow Dry conditioner x7

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