2x Want-it-All (set of 60)


The supreme splurge of our best sellers when you just can't choose only one!

The kit is designed to give you 25 great washes, and allows you experiment with various shampoo & conditioner combinations.

Gemz are freshly activated every wash and do not contain any stabilizers or fillers.  In order to maintain peak performance, we guarantee at least a 2-month usage window from receipt of your product.

  • Perfect Air Dry shampoo x6
  • Royally Soft shampoo x6
  • Grandiose Volume shampoo x6
  • Supreme Clean shampoo x6
  • Cleansing Cream shampoo x6
  • Profound Moisture conditioner x4
  • Light as Heir conditioner x6
  • Rainy Day Anti-Frizz conditioner x6
  • Pre-Color Protect conditioner x4
  • Perfect Blow Dry conditioner x6
  • Majestic Hair Mask x4
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