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On this page, you'll find even more useful information about Gemz and how we're revolutionizing hair care. If you have any specific questions for our team, please email us at support@shopgemz.com and be sure to mention you're a Gemz Influencer so we can get back to you quicker!
What is Gemz?
 Gemz are water-activated shampoos & conditioners. Our innovative products magically transform in the palm of your hand. Your hair needs different things on different days to look its best. Pick a shampoo. Pick a conditioner. They don’t have to match!
What kind of content should I create?
It's most important that the content you create for Gemz is authentic and similar to the amazing content you're already known for. Try to incorporate Gemz into your everyday content style and create something that truly belongs on your page. Remember, there's a $500 bonus for the best video content, too!
Content that feels out of place or inauthentic tends to get lower engagement and that's not good for your page stats either. Try to come up with a creative way to highlight your favorite product benefits, which can be found by clicking your favorite product here.