Where is your product made? 

Our products are made in the USA

Why do Gemz have a 'best used by' date?

In order to maintain peak performance, Gemz do not contain any preservatives, stabilizers or fillers. Gemz are freshest within 2 months of receiving your product and we recommend using within this time-frame.

How long will the product take to arrive?

All orders will be processed in 1-2 business days. Shipping is 5-7 business days.

How to use Gemz?

It's so easy, you will master using it in no time.

  1. WET the pod and completely saturate GEMZ with water, and watch as the Shampoos instantly transforms colors, and Conditioners grow into a creamy mound right before your eyes.
  2. RUB both hands together to create a luscious rich cream.
  3. MASSAGE throughout your hair and experience a generously luxurious lather, and velvety cream, then rinse.

Are Gemz products sulfate free? 

While our products are not sulfate free, they are very mild and effective. Many of our customers tell us how nourished their hair looks and feels after use.

Are Gemz safe to use on color treated hair? 

All of our shampoo and conditioners are safe for color treated hair. We’d recommend pairing the Color Command Shampoo with the Pre-Color Protect or Profound Moisture as many of our customers tell us how vibrant and nourished their hair looks and feels after use.

Where can I find a list of ingredients?

Our ingredients can be found in the “what’s inside” section of each of the shampoos and conditioners on the website. Just click the link (, go to the product you’re interested in, and select the “what’s inside” tab on the right side.

What combinations of Gemz pair well together?

All of our shampoo and conditioner combinations depend on what you need for your hair. We’d recommend trying the Want It All Kit to try out a few combinations to see what works best.