Your Spring Break Hair Survival Guide

Beach waves. Lazy days. Spring break is almost here! Whether you are vacationing near the sea or staying home for some much-deserved relaxation, the last thing you should have to worry about is your hair. But, as we all know, hair requires upkeep. Here are some tried and true tips to surviving spring break with locks as healthy as they were when you started:

Pretreat. Your. Hair. They say the best defense is a good offense. How does that apply to your hair? If you maintain your hair's health from the beginning, it is harder for it to become damaged. If you know your spring break will be filled with sun and swimming combat against that now. If you know you want to skip out on your usual hair routine for a few days, load it up with nutrients now. Gemz Brilliant Hair Mask is a quick and easy option. This one-minute mask adds a nourishing complex to your hair and provides both restoration and defense against damaged hair.

Dry Shampoo is an excellent addition to your spring break essentials list. It allows you to cleanse your hair of dirt and grime without requiring frequent washing. Over cleansing can deplete our hair of natural oils and nutrients that are good for it. Plus, who doesn’t want extra free time on spring break? Skip a day and wash with a dry shampoo in-between.

Cover-ups are not just for swimwear! Cover your hair with a scarf or hat during long periods of sun exposure. The extra layer of protection keeps your hair from overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Reducing sun damage allows your hair to maintain the hydration it needs to thrive. For added measure, be sure to use a conditioner that provides lasting moisture. Gemz Profound Moisture conditioner is a fabulous choice as it is formulated to quench hair and is free of preservatives and fillers (aka things your hair doesn’t need!)

Of course, don't forget that Gemz are TSA compliant, so you'll have the hair you love no matter where your spring break adventures take you! (HINT: Our Jet-Set Kit will really have you going places 😀.)