Why Gemz Are The Most Loved Travel Product of 2019

Don’t let hotel shampoos or security checks stop you from having gorgeous hair no matter where you are! Water-activated, solid shampoos & conditioners make travel easy. Say bye, bye to hotel shampoo, hello WATER-LESS WORRY-LESS haircare!

  • TSA Friendly
  • No bottles taking up space
  • No Spills
  • Convenient
  • Light Weight
  • High Quality Hair Care

Whether you're headed for a beach vacation, work trip or a cross-country excursion, check out our most loved travel items below:

  1. Perfect Air Dry: Heatless Style on-the-go
 Let Gemz Perfect Air Dry Shampoo give you the gift of time back especially while you travel, with gorgeously soft, frizz free hair – no blow drying required!  Our fans are raving about Gemz Best Seller Perfect Air Dry Shampoo because of how luxuriously soft, and completely manageable their hair is after just air drying.
“Perfect Air Dry generated lots of suds but more importantly, left my hair feeling amazingly soft and non-frizzy!  I will be a repeat customer!”

  1. Long-lasting Clean: Day 2 Hair, No Problem

Sometimes the best vacation hair ever is simply not having to wash it at all.  Gemz Supreme Clean Shampoo’s patented formula is designed to extend your clean by slowing down the attraction of dirt and oils to your hair and scalp.  (Spoiler Alert: Gemz Supreme Clean Shampoo is the perfect ally to detox and restore your hair from the aftermath of Mojitos and offshore excursions!)

“This shampoo was fantastic. I have really long hair and the Gem gave me more than enough product. I am now on day 3 hair as well and my hair is still soft and not greasy at all! Perfect buy for my trip to China soon!

  1. The Jet Set Kit: Ready, Set, Plan!

Travelling can already be overwhelming, so a little planning goes a long way. Depending on your destination, you may want to choose different looks on different days. To ensure you are you are well equipped for the adventures ahead, we’ve taken the liberty to highlight a few fan favorite travel moments, and how the Gemz Jet Set Kit can satisfy your day to day crave no matter what’s on the itinerary. Here's what's inside

    • Supreme Clean shampoo - perfect for a deep clean whether your at the beach, exploring cityscapes or adventuring in nature
    • Perfect Air Dry shampoo - the best travel companion for when you want perfect hair without wasting time blow drying
    • Rainy Day, Anti-Frizz conditioner - perfect for those humid and rainy days, when you want to keep your perfect vacation hair from frizzing out
    • Perfect Blow Dry conditioner - whether you're going to a fancy dinner or onto a night on the town, Perfect Blow Dry will save you time and keep your locks bouncy and polished.

Don’t delay, get on-the-go convenience every day! Having a variety of high quality haircare products at your fingertips isn’t just for travel.  Before you go, check out Gemz Hair Care testimonials below, and try a few before your trip! 


“This is an amazing product! This kit was a great way to be introduced to the product, and see which specific types of shampoo and conditioner work best for me. I kind of can't wait for my next trip just so I can bring these along and not spend the flight worrying about a possible shampoo disaster inside my luggage.”   Jen - California 2019
 “Traveling a as much as I do, I have long looked for an easy way to carry top quality shampoo and conditioner.  The weight of small bottles or even full-size products was not always the best solution, spills etc.  And the hotel provided shampoos are generally very drying and diluted.   This product arrived the day I was leaving for a 10 day vacation.  I dropped the newly arrived Gemz Color Command Shampoo and Pre-Color Protect Conditioner in my carry on, no added weight.   No liquids to spill, or place in a Ziploc, it was great.  I used the product every day and sometimes twice a day.  Windy, salt water, sweat, styling products, while on a cruise can take a toll on colored hair.  This product with the conditioner saved the day, Thank you!” Sarah - Florida 2019
“I loved the Gemz Perfect Air Dry Shampoo so much. I got excited to use it and opened the cute packaging when I showered. The smell was amazing and I had perfect air-dried hair that I was skeptical about because I have curly hair. But I seriously loved this.” Kate - Colorado
“Ok. So I don’t normally love products. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I got the “I want it all” trial kit as a gift and I am hooked. I loved every single one. I used them according to their names and they were true to their names. My hair is clean and soft and there is no waste. And I feel good about not wasting all that water. This is an amazing product for humans and the environment. What a tremendous win win. I am never going back to traditional shampoo and conditioner again.” Susan - New York