Perfect Pairs You Will Love

Wondering which Gemz products to pair for your perfect style? No worries! We’ve got you covered!

Soft Waves




Waves are a great go-to in your hairstyle repertoire. Help those waves reach new heights by pairing Gemz Grandoise Volume Shampoo and Gemz Light As Heir Conditioner. Combined with styling, these products will deliver nearly weightless volume, leaving your hair full of soft billows. Both products are made to leave your hair light and airy, allowing your waves to be free and flowing!

Ready-To-Wear Hair




A good Ready-to-Wear is a must for your hair routine and can work for any hair type/texture. It can be your desired style one day or a time-saving necessity another day. Thankfully, Gemz has another royally fabulous product combo to keep your wash and go as stylish as it is dependable. Use Gemz Perfect Air Dry Shampoo for freedom from frizz. Then, for added measure, condition with Gemz Profound Moisture Conditioner. This combo will allow for frizz-free hair that's full of moisture!

Sleek Blowouts




Blowouts are known for their shine and their fullness. For the perfect blowout, you need lightweight products and protection from the heat you will be adding to your hair. Start with the Gemz shampoo of your choice, then use Gemz Perfect Blow Dry Conditioner. This conditioner will help your hair to dry quickly (less heat!). Then finish off your hair prep with Gemz Majestic Repair Mask. This 1-minute mask will give your tresses some TLC, providing a nourishing complex of ingredients to combat and prevent damage.

Bouncy Curls




Attention curly girls! Curls are fun and full of life until they’re not! How many times have you achieved your perfect curls only for them to go flat shortly after? Keep those curls going all day with Gemz Royally Soft Shampoo and Gemz Rainy Day Anti-Frizz Conditioner. Gemz Royally Soft will help promote touchable curls. Gemz Rainy Day Anti-Frizz will help keep those curls in place. What a combo! Soft-lasting curls!

Let Your Color Shine




Balayage is all the rage right now; natural transitional colors add pop and liveliness to our hair. Highlights, lowlights, and full dye jobs are all options to switch up your look. A little change can be a good thing! If you color-treat your hair, you want to be very intentional in its care as some treatments can have damaging effects. Before changing your color, use Gemz Pre-Color Protect to deeply moisturize hair and help prevent breakage. For maintenance, Gemz Color Command Shampoo leaves your hair vibrant and hydrated. Color-popping!