Parabens in Shampoos & Conditioners: The Facts

What are Parabens?

Parabens are a group of synthetic (man-made) ingredients commonly used as preservatives in a wide range of health, beauty, shampoos, conditioners, and personal care products.

Why are parabens used in beauty products?

The whole goal of parabens is to stop the growth of fungus, bacteria and other potentially damaging microbes from showing up in shampoos and conditioners!

As you may know, most liquid shampoos and conditioners are about 80% water. Any product that contains water is susceptible to being spoiled by the growth of fungi or bacteria, which could cause problems such as mold, discoloration, malodor or breakdown of the product. Without some type of preservative, water-based shampoos and conditioners will become contaminated and harmful to your health. 

Parabens are derived from Para-Hydroxybenzoic acid, which occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Common parabens are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

Why should you care?

Even though parabens have been used in shampoos and conditioners for over 100 years, there are a lot of questions around how safe parabens actually are. 

People can come into contact with parabens in a variety of ways, including touching, swallowing, or eating paraben containing products. Parabens in hair care products can be absorbed through the skin or scalp.

While parabens are water soluble (break down easily in water) and exit the body relatively quickly, many consumers are choosing to avoid them altogether by using paraben free shampoos and conditioners.

Go Paraben Free!

Products like Single Solid Dose Gemz Shampoos & Conditioners are completely water-less, and therefore reduce the need for preservatives altogether. Gemz are paraben-free, without the risking the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria. Since Gemz shampoos and conditioners are individually dosed, the ingredients are held fresh until they are activated with water in your shower.

Why Gemz Solid-Single Dose Hair Care?

Our team of hair scientists knew there was a better answer for hair care. We developed Gemz premium line of solid shampoos and conditioners not only for the convenience, but because Gemz water-less formulas means maximizing every ingredient , while eliminating the need for preservatives, and other unnecessary fillers altogether. So, you hold the power of fresh, undiluted ingredients in your hands every time you shampoo and condition your hair with Gemz.

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