Give Your Scalp Some Extra Love

We all know everything gets drier in the winter- your skin, your nails, and your hair. Most people focus on the ends of the hair and how to provide moisture, but some forget about the dryness winter can bring to the scalp. A dry scalp can cause irritation, itchiness and even annoyance when you can’t seem to find any relief. While there are plenty of tips and tricks on how to provide moisture to the ends of the hair, here are some ways to show your scalp some extra love. 

 Blow-Dry Vs. Air Dry 

While too much blow drying can cause damage and dryness to the ends of your hair if not done properly it’s a lifesaver on your scalp. Now, you may be thinking dry heat equals a sad scalp, but did you know that going to bed with a wet head of hair can be even more damagingYes, it is true! What most people don’t realize is when you shampoo your hair and go to bed with a wet head your scalp can harbor mold while being pressed against your pillow 😩. So not only would you be battling potential flakiness, but mold as well. If you’re going to break out the blow dryer use low heat and protectants to keep your hair healthy and moisturized. But, if you’re an air-dry only kind of person try doing it in the morning or when you have plenty of time for your hair to dry before bed.  

Try Co-Washing (Swap your Shampoo for a Conditioner) 

You would not believe how washing with a conditioner every now and again can inject moisture and nourishment into your scalp and hair! Not only can shampooing everyday be harmful to the ends of your hair but it can also cause added irritation to the scalp. A wonderful way to infuse a little extra love from scalp to tip is ditching the shampoo and replacing it with conditioner to co-wash. Co-washing, simply put, is using conditioner only to wash your hair. If you are worried about weigh down or overdoing it, try a lightweight moisturizing conditioner like Gemz Water-Activated Light As Air Conditioner and treat it as if it were shampoo. Just like any conditioner, make sure you rinse thoroughly to prevent build up on the scalp. So, pick a few nights to swap your shampoo with conditioner and you’ll be nourishing your scalp like a pro! 

 Have a Regimen 

  Just like your skin, your scalp should have a regimen as well. We’ve already discussed blow drying and co-washing but let's talk about brushing! Brushing your hair is great stimulation for the scalp and much like your skin your scalp will thrive on a routine. Pick a couple of nights a week to shampoo with Gemz Pure Scalp, Nourished Tips Shampoo, pick your favorite conditioner and brush every night before bed. Just like brushing the ends of your hair, make sure you’re gentle on your scalp. Try a soft bristle hairbrush to keep your scalp from becoming irritated and the ends of your hair will thank you for the gentleness too. As an added step, evaluate your products and make sure you’re not allergic and watch out for any drying ingredients.   

So, don’t let the dryness of winter give you the blues. Try these simple steps to fight back and show your scalp a little extra moisturizing love 💗.istoc