Dealing With Static: Easy Hair Fixes and Tips

Static hair is yet another one of winter’s woes. Static is caused by a build-up of electricity, which can happen when the pieces of hair rub together and exchange their charges. Science report aside, the bottom line is static can turn a good hair day hay“wire” nearly instantly. Static is more common in the winter due to the dry weather. Shockingly, although static can be a major downer, there are some steps you can take to maintain your desired style this season.

Replenish Moisture

Dry weather combined with dry hair is a breeding ground for static. Adding additional moisture provides a protective layer. When moisturized, a barrier is created and reduces the charge exchange between individual pieces of hair. In other words, less static!

A conditioner is your biggest ally in providing moisture. Choose a product formulated with actives your hair needs, and that provides moisture without weighing down your locks. Gemz Profound Moisture has been my recent go-to and comes in solid form, which delivers a concentrated, water-activated dosage of moisture to my hair.

Use Natural Hair Tools

As we comb and brush our hair, we add friction, which in turn can lead to more static. Of course, everyone’s hair needs brushing or combing, so what’s the fix? Go natural. Plastic produces more static. Trade your plastic comb or brush for one made of natural materials. Wood or even metal combs are a better choice.

Hair Masks

Now and then, we all can benefit from a little extra TLC. The same applies to our hair. Hair masks can supply nutrients and moisture to damaged, brittle hair. These additional nutrients allow for a booster for our hair and provide another line in defense against static. But not all masks are created equal. Gemz Brilliant Repair Mask delivers a nourishing complex in just 1 minute, encapsulating your strands with the repair they need.

Be Proactive

The best way to avoid something is not to let it happen in the first place. Okay, okay. Cliché or not, it is true! Static is easier to deal with when you’ve prevented it from the start. The trick? Maintain constant moisture in your hair by using a humidifier at night. As you sleep, your hair absorbs moisture from the air. Another great tip is to wear hats to protect from dry air--bonus points if that hat is satin or silk-lined. Wool and cotton tend to dry you out. 

Taking these small steps could mean that static won’t be an issue for you. Here's to some “electrifyingly” sleek hair ladies!