Bye Bye Long Blow Dry's

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February 2021

Say "Bye Bye" to long blow dry's!

Even though most of us have a lot more time on our hands right now, we don’t want to spend all our time blow drying and not even getting close to a salon worthy blowout! We’ve all been in our bathrooms at some point or another with sore arms wondering why it can’t just look like it does when the professionals do it. Whether you feel like you don’t have the time or just don’t have the energy to fight that beautiful mane of yours, here are some tips and tricks to say bye-bye to long blow dry’s!

"Rough Dry" to The Rescue

If you don’t know what the technique of rough drying is, I’m here to introduce you to your ultimate life saver. Rough drying the hair simply means blow drying your hair until it’s almost 80% dry before going in with any kind of brush- whether that be a flat or a round brush. Going in with a round brush on completely wet hair will give you those sore arms I mentioned and add extra time that we don’t want to have to spend. Make sure you’re blow drying your hair downwards (from scalp to tips), so you don’t create extra frizz as you’ll lose the shine and smoothness you’re aiming for. Rough drying is on the radar of professional hair stylists, and now is yours to try out.

“I love the Quick Blow Dry Conditioner! Not only did it make my hair feel soft and shiny, but it helped my hair dry so much faster!”

- Kim, New York

Use Styling Products and Section, Section, Section!

Did you know the rule of thumb about the amount of styling products you should use is no more than the size of your ponytail? Now, that varies depending on the thickness of your hair and simply how your hair reacts to product but start out trying that tip and customize to your hair type and preference. Product can quickly weigh the hair down and we don’t want to end up with limp hair wondering where it all went wrong. Styling products help us achieve our end goal whether that be a sleek and smooth blowout or a voluminous wavy one. On top of product, section out your hair by giving your arms a break with smaller sections to tackle. Mix those two together and you’ll be done in no time!

Gemz Quick Blow Dry is a MUST!

We all know that we can tell a great from a horrible hair day the minute we step out of the shower! People are raving about the new Gemz Shampoos and Quick Blow Dry Conditioner that help your hair dry up 20% faster without drying it out.

Now with these tips and tricks you’ll be giving yourself a blowout that even your stylist will be envious of. Say bye-bye to long blow dry’s!

Written by Savannah S.



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