5 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Winter Hair

Let’s face it: the winter blues are real. Unfortunately, the brisk winter weather can damage your hair also. If you’re not careful, the winter months can deplete your hair of months' worth of nutrients. But don’t worry, we’re not going to let you go down without a fight! Read below to find some expert tips on protects those locks this winter:


1. Dry Your Hair Completely

If you choose not to let your hair dry naturally, it’s essential to make sure it’s completely dry before heading out into the brisk winter air. Cold air and harsh wind can be damaging, causing split ends and breakage, especially if your hair is not fully dry. Gemz Perfect Blow Dry Conditioner adds essential moisture; its lightweight formulation will have your hair dry in no time!


2. Wear a Hat

Don’t be afraid to rock that hat girl! During the winter, a hat is more than a stylish accessory. It protects your hair from damaging elements. Picking the right hat is essential too. Choose a hat that covers all your hair, has a soft liner (satin is even better), and is made of thick material. A warm hat will keep your hair shielded and help avoid damage.


3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisture is crucial to our hair year-round, but during the winter months, it becomes a priority. It’s essential to provide your hair with ample moisture. Moisture provides a barrier from damaging winter weather, keeping your hair protected from breakage. Gemz Profound Moisture Conditioner leaves hair quenched and luxurious. Try using this condition this winter to see its specialized ingredients work for your hair.


4. Get a Head Start on Damage

Your hair is bound to feel some of the harsh blows that accompany winter weather. Be ahead of it! Treat your hair with masks and oil treatments that are formulated to repair damage and maintain moisture. Gemz Brilliant Repair Masque does just that; it’s nourishing complex aids your hair's recovery and provides lasting defense.


5. Wash Less Frequently

Many of us like to wash our hair daily, but in the winter, that can be a bad idea. Washing your hair too much can deplete some essential nutrients. This can cause your hair to be dry and lack shine. Try to go an extra day between washes. In the winter, it’s essential to give our hair more of what it needs--not less. If your hair shows signs of build-up or feels weighed down, try a dry shampoo on non-wash days.