5 Reasons to Air-Dry

You’ve likely heard that blow drying can be damaging to hair. Heat damage is a hair no-no, so we try to achieve our best styles with as little heat as possible. So how do you dry your hair, achieve your desired look, and limit damage? AIR-DRY!


1. Retain Moisture

Air-drying our hair allows it to dry more slowly. Allowing moisture from the water and products used to penetrate our hair and scalp. Blow-drying dries the hair quickly, usually at high temperatures, depleting our hair of moisture. Getting that oh so silky straight hair, sometimes comes at the mercy of locking in needed moisture. Wouldn't life be so much easier if sometimes you could only wash, go, and be gorgeous? You actually can! Gemz Perfect Air-Dry Shampoo style allows you to wash & go beautifully while locking in the nourishment that keeps you looking your best without the heat.


2. Quicker Routine

Let’s face it, we all are pressed for time some days. Air-drying your hair eliminates one of the longest steps. When you're in a hurry, but can't risk not looking your best, you need an ally. Gemz hair care understands that time is of the essence. The Gemz Perfect Air-Dry Shampoo gives you time back. Go ahead and catch a few extra Z's, take a morning run, or get those eye-brows flawless!! Either way, there is more to life than being imprisoned to a blow dryer.

Pro tip: Pat hair lightly with an old t-shirt after washing, this can speed up the air-dry time and results in fewer tangles and frizz than towel drying. Give it a whirl, you'll love the freedom.


3. Less Frizz

So, we all know that frizzy hair is not on many of the hair trend lists. Most of us are looking to achieve our best free frizz look as possible! Whether you're going for a sleek styled look, or want to be in complete control even in the face of humidity. Allowing hair to air dry can help promote frizz-free curls and waves. Perfect for summer! When paired with great products, like Gemz Perfect Air-Dry Shampoo, your look can be salon-worthy.

4. Less Damage

Air drying is a pretty effortless process, less work for you and less tension and pulling on your hair. This leads to healthier hair. Heat is damaging, sure but don’t forget about all of the combing and pulling your hair also takes on when blow-drying.

5. More Great Hair

All of these benefits above ultimately can lead to healthier, stronger hair. Are some styles more dependent on blow drying your hair? Definitely. But adding air drying to your routine as much as possible can help you achieve healthier tresses. Give it a try!